Frequently Asked Questions

As time goes on, and as questions come in, we will be updating this page to address our customer’s primary inquires. Whether service-related or product-related, we assure you a thorough and user-friendly response that you will be able to refer back to whenever you’d like, right here below. Feel free to contact us with questions that you have at any time!


The question we get most often: How can your prices be this low?
Thanks to our close affiliation with both Weichsel Beef Co and Max Braun & Sons, we operate with very little overhead, and are then able to charge appreciably less than even the cheapest of our competition in most cases. That is why, for example, our entire line of Prime Beef is priced at rates that are unheard of in the domestic market. Our goal is very simply to get the best quality in the hands of the general public at prices that they can truly afford. The Old World Way.

Why the extra time for delivery?
In order to maintain superior levels of freshness, nutritional value and shelf-life, we must minimize the amount of time between our wholesale purchase date and fabrication of the product as much as possible. Therefore, we have opted to buy fresh upon order, right off of the wholesale truck, which sometimes takes an extra day or two. Not only are we then able to avoid selling an older product, but this strategy also works to keep prices down. Simply stated; if one maintains a certain level of inventory, there is a cost involved, and part of that cost is inevitably passed along to you in the end. Optimizing levels of freshness, nutritional value and shelf life; all while keeping the cost to you at a minimum.

Why Hand-Deliver?
First, and most importantly, we are here to create and build relationships the old-fashioned way: with direct, face-to-face, personal interaction. Old World style. In addition, we have eliminated the huge shipping costs (required insurance; mandatory specialized, extra-expensive packaging; the shipping cost itself; etc.) and the uncertainty of freshness associated with going through the U.S. Postal Service. Family-oriented interaction, maximized cost savings, and a naturally fresher product for you!

Why NOT choose Supermarket Meat?
To give you an idea of the uncertainty that you’re dealing with every single time you purchase meat at your local grocery store, we’ve posted an informative, truly eye-opening article below. This, courtesy of a reliable and reputable source in From our industry experience, we can assure you that these occurrences have become regular practice as grocery stores desperately try to stay afloat in our economy.

About a Few of Our Wholesalers

Why choose Weichsel Beef Co?
Wholesalers of New York City's famous Peter Lugers, Citarella, and Zabar’s, very few people in the industry emphasize high quality and consistency like the team at Weichsel Beef Co. Located in the heart of Manhattan’s Meat Packing District, their family has been hand-picking beef and lamb for New York City’s finest dining rooms since 1976. They are a true representation of what the Blake The Butcher family is all about: consistency of quality and customer satisfaction, above all else.

Why choose Esposito Sausage
In our humble opinion, between its unique texture, a truly mouthwatering richness of flavor, and the sheer quality and purity of the product, they are simply the best at what they do. Their family has been using the exact same recipes since 1933, located in the heart of one of the most competitive markets in the world. Can’t beat ‘em!

Why choose Nicolosi Fine Foods?
As family-oriented as it gets, from the cozy atmosphere of their kitchen to the lineage of Nicolosi Fine Foods, the Nicolosi name has been serving the Tri-State Area since 1955. And one bite into one of their gourmet pork products will tell you exactly why they’re still around and as strong as ever. The scales of tenderness, sheer flavor, and, most importantly, the purity of the product are top notch, creating a texture, taste and color that are relatively unmatched in the domestic market. These guys just flat out know what they’re doing, and they have earned their reputation the healthy and the honest way!


Why choose Bone-In
The meat cooks uniformly, and is therefore juicier and more flavorful throughout when it is bone-in. It is now cooking not only from direct heat, but also from heat transference through the bone. Our personal favorite style!

Why choose Bell & Evans Poultry
In our humble opinion, it is the #1 tasting AND satiating organic-style, hormone and antibiotic-free poultry on the market. These all natural chickens are humanely-raised and fed an all-vegetarian, organic diet with grains grown solely in the United States. They are also 100% air-chilled, and therefore do not retain any water. A true-to-form investment in your belly, your taste buds, and your well-being!

Why choose our Lamb
We promote Choice, Spring-graded and Domestic lamb ONLY, assuredly a step and a half up from the Australian or New Zealand lamb you’ll find most everywhere else. Typically milk-fed, you can count on Spring lamb for a uniquely healthy look, and an appreciable difference in meat-to-bone ratio, flavor, and tenderness alike. A taste truly unlike any other!

Why choose Kobe Wagyu Beef
This diamond in the rough comes from the specially-bred, humanely-raised Wagyu Cattle, widely regarded as one of the most tender and flavor-packed cuts in the world. Thanks to its exquisite marbling, the beef quite literally melts in your mouth, and creates a taste and texture unmatched by the overwhelming majority. To top it all off, Kobe beef is particularly rich in vital nutrients and vitamins, monounsaturated fats, Omega-3, and Omega-6 oils. A uniquely healthy fat profile, and surely well worth the extra dollar!

Why choose Dry-Aged Beef
Simply stated, thanks to 28 days straight of acid removal, the taste is sweeter and the meat is appreciably more tender. Also well worth the extra dollar!

Why choose Prime Grade?
The highest graded meat on the market, and untouchable on the texture, tenderness and marbleization scales. These cuts are some of the most flavor-packed and juiciest in the world: A true slam dunk, Blake The Butcher Style!

Why choose Certified Angus Beef
From the specially bred, humanely-raised Angus cattle, this coveted lineage must meet a very specific standard of marbling: a standard which, for all intents and purposes, ensures a product that stands amongst some of the top-rated choice and prime grade beef on the market*. Best known for its unique combination of tenderness, juiciness, and flavor, Certified Angus is a beef lover's favorite!
*Certified Angus Beef has passed an additional ten step, science-based specification (ensuring a certain level of quality) that the regular Angus and Superior Angus you’ll find most everywhere else do not qualify for.

Why choose our Veal
We promote Nature Milk Fed, humanely-raised and Domestic veal ONLY. Consumption of the mother’s natural milk (hence, “Nature” milk), loaded with vitamins and nutrients, and free of any fillers, hormones, and antibiotics ensures a quality, color and flavor unmatched in the majority of the domestic market. Healthier looking, healthier tasting, and just flat out delicious. The Nature Milk Way.

Why choose Berkshire Black Pork
Recognized by most as the Kobe Beef equivalent of Pork, the Berkshire line is best known for its unique combination of marbling and texture, and a bold, darkened color (preferred by most) which tells the story in itself. Extraordinarily tender, juicy, and as rich-in-flavor as it gets, this All-Natural class of its own is humanely-raised in a low-stress environment; fed a grain-based, 100% vegetarian diet; and is entirely free of steroids, hormones, antibiotics and nitrates. It is truly top-of-the-line, and a relative rarity in our industry. And it is our pleasure to share it with you!