28-Day Dry-Aged Shell Steak




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$25.95 /lb
Suggested Portion Size:  12 oz
*Blake The Butcher recommends the selection of “1.0” inches thick for optimum experience!

The Kansas City Strip Steak, Dry-Aged style and straight from the short loin. This sirloin favorite is best compared to the porterhouse and T-bone without the filet.

Why choose Dry-Aged? Simply stated, thanks to 28 days straight of acid removal, the taste is sweeter and the meat is appreciably more tender. Well worth the extra dollar!

*A Quick Note about our Price Per Thickness Products: Some of the weight ranges may be a little bit higher than what’s out there, only because we are working with a larger, meatier product than most. The meatier, the better!

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10 – 12 oz per steak (.75" Thick), 14 – 16 oz per steak (1.0" Thick), 18 – 20 oz per steak (1.25" Thick), 22 – 24 oz per steak (1.5" Thick), 26 – 28 oz per steak (1.75" Thick), 30 – 32 oz per steak (2.0" Thick)