Blake The Butcher’s Coarse-Ground Kobe Wagyu Beef



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$10.99 /lb
Suggested Portion Size:  6 oz

As is the case with our chop meat, Less Grind = Extra Juicy! This specialty grind possesses a uniquely sweet flavor, and a molecular makeup that minimizes shrinkage. Make a burger; make a chili; make a stuffing. Just as healthy as it is tasty!

Why choose Kobe Wagyu? This diamond in the rough comes from the specially-bred, humanely-raised Wagyu Cattle, widely regarded as one of the most tender and flavor-packed cuts in the world. Thanks to its exquisite marbling, the beef quite literally melts in your mouth, and creates a taste and texture unmatched by the overwhelming majority. To top it all off, Kobe beef is particularly rich in vital nutrients and vitamins, monounsaturated fats, Omega-3, and Omega-6 oils. A uniquely healthy fat profile, and surely well worth the extra dollar!


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