Nature Milk Fed Loin Veal Chops


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$14.49 /lb
Suggested Portion Size:  12 oz
*Blake The Butcher recommends the selection of “1.0” inches thick for optimum experience!

The Porterhouse of Veal Chops, straight from the loin. Remarkably underpriced, as is the case with the loin lamb chop. A true customer favorite!

Why choose our Veal? We promote Nature Milk Fed, humanely-raised and Domestic veal ONLY. Consumption of the mother’s natural milk (hence, “Nature” milk), loaded with vitamins and nutrients, and free of any fillers, hormones, and antibiotics ensures a quality, color and flavor unmatched in the majority of the domestic market. Healthier looking, healthier tasting, and just flat out delicious. The Nature Milk Way.

*A Quick Note about our Price Per Thickness Products: Some of the weight ranges may be a little bit higher than what’s out there, only because we are working with a larger, meatier product than most. The meatier, the better!

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Choose a Size:

6 – 8 oz per chop (.75" Thick), 9 – 11 oz per chop (1.0" Thick), 12 – 14 oz per chop (1.25" Thick), 15 – 17 oz per chop (1.5" Thick), 18 – 20 oz per chop (1.75" Thick), 21 – 23 oz per chop (2.0" Thick)