Nicolosi’s Berkshire Black Nitrate-Free Hot Dog


An All-American favorite, done the Healthy and Natural way! Premium, gourmet pork, uniquely-seasoned in a natural casing that crackles when cooked. Absolutely no artificial/mystery ingredients. Blake’s all-time favorite hot dog! (8 Hot Dogs per 1 lb. Package)

1 lb. per Pack

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Suggested Portion Size:  1 Dog = 2 oz

Why choose Berkshire Black? Recognized by most as the Kobe Beef equivalent of Pork, the Berkshire line is best known for its unique combination of marbling and texture, and a bold, darkened color (preferred by most) which tells the story in itself. Extraordinarily tender, juicy, and as rich-in-flavor as it gets, this All-Natural class of its own is humanely-raised in a low-stress environment; fed a grain-based, 100% vegetarian diet; and is entirely free of steroids, hormones, antibiotics and nitrates. It is truly top-of-the-line, and a relative rarity in our industry. And it is our pleasure to share it with you!

Why choose Nicolosi? As family-oriented as it gets, from the cozy atmosphere of their kitchen to the lineage of Nicolosi Fine Foods, the Nicolosi name has been serving the Tri-State Area since 1955. And one bite into one of their gourmet pork products will tell you exactly why they’re still around and as strong as ever. The scales of tenderness, sheer flavor, and, most importantly, the purity of the product are top notch, creating a texture, taste and color that are relatively unmatched in the domestic market. These guys just flat out know what they’re doing, and they have earned their reputation the healthy and the honest way!


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