Weichsel’s PRIME Bone-In Rib Roast


The Famous Prime Rib Roast. Cowboy steak-style, with the bone included for even more flavor!

3-4 lbs. per Piece

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Suggested Portion Size:  10 oz

Why choose Prime Grade? The highest graded meat on the market, and untouchable on the texture, tenderness and marbleization scales. These cuts are some of the most flavor-packed and juiciest in the world: A true slam dunk, Blake The Butcher Style!

Why choose Bone-In? The meat cooks uniformly, and is therefore juicier and more flavorful throughout when it is bone-in. It is now cooking not only from direct heat, but also from heat transference through the bone. Our personal favorite style!

Why choose Weichsel? Wholesalers of New York City’s famous Peter Lugers, Citarella, and Zabar’s, very few people in the industry emphasize high quality and consistency like the team at Weichsel Beef Co. Located in the heart of Manhattan’s Meat Packing District, their family has been hand-picking beef and lamb for New York City’s finest dining rooms since 1976. They are a true representation of what the Blake The Butcher family is all about: consistency of quality and customer satisfaction, above all else.


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