Weichsel’s Spring Domestic Loin Lamb Chops


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$13.95 /lb
Suggested Portion Size:  12 oz
*Blake The Butcher recommends the selection of “1.25” inches thick for optimum experience!

Cut from the saddle, these porterhouse and T-bone chops are remarkably underpriced. Their large eyes and sweet taste make them a significant value.

Why choose our Lamb? We promote Choice, Spring-graded and Domestic lamb ONLY, assuredly a step and a half up from the Australian or New Zealand lamb you’ll find most everywhere else. Typically milk-fed, you can count on Spring lamb for a uniquely healthy look, and an appreciable difference in meat-to-bone ratio, flavor, and tenderness alike. A taste truly unlike any other!

Why choose Weichsel? Wholesalers of New York City’s famous Peter Lugers, Citarella, and Zabar’s, very few people in the industry emphasize high quality and consistency like the team at Weichsel Beef Co. Located in the heart of Manhattan’s Meat Packing District, their family has been hand-picking beef and lamb for New York City’s finest dining rooms since 1976. They are a true representation of what the Blake The Butcher family is all about: consistency of quality and customer satisfaction, above all else.

*A Quick Note about our Price Per Thickness Products: Some of the weight ranges may be a little bit higher than what’s out there, only because we are working with a larger, meatier product than most. The meatier, the better!

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Choose a Size:

3 – 4 oz per chop (.75" Thick), 5 – 6 oz per chop (1.0" Thick), 7 – 8 oz per chop (1.25" Thick), 8 – 9 oz per chop (1.5" Thick), 10 – 11 oz per chop (1.75" Thick), 12 – 13 oz per chop (2.0" Thick)


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